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  • The Auctioneers Association of New Zealand Inc. has from it's inception in 1946 endeavoured to promote the sale-by-auction method of marketing and also strives to enhance the proficiency and professionalism of it's members.
  • Founded in 1946 the AANZ continues to build on more than 64 years of experience. All members subscribe to a specific Code of Ethics ensuring that the seller gets a positive and worry-free sales experience.


  • The membership is voluntary and consists of members from every category of auctioneering, but only those who agree to subscribe to a standard of ethical behavior as detailed in the Association Code of Ethics.
  • Membership can bring Auctioneers potential buyers through experience with advertising and now with the latest web sites to promote catalogs offered - see the Auctioneers and Auctions page for more details. - these are links to member auctioneers and the upcoming auctions of genuine and registered AANZ Members.
  • Through the Find Auction(eer) search option you can find members throughout New Zealand along with their pending auctions.
  • Please refer to "About AANZ" - "Membership" for more information and some of the advantages of membership.

Complaints and Disputes


The Auctioneers Association of N.Z. is a voluntary industry body actively involved in promoting the interests of Members who are Licenced Auctioneers and acting as mediator in matters of auction in the public interest.
Members of the Association consist of a variety of Licencee’s holding Licences issued by the Courts and they conduct auctions handling, general chattels, plant & machinery, livestock, bloodstock, motor vehicles, art, antiques, stamps & coins, real property (i.e. real estate), and flowers & produce to name a few.
The Association Members are bound by a Code of Ethics and standard Terms & Conditions of Sale that are available to the public to enlighten them as to the rules of the auction, these are for the benefit of the Vendor the Purchaser and the Auctioneer and they govern the auction procedure.

The Association deals with complaints about unethical behaviour, standard of service, negligent advice or service and non-payment of proceeds due and any other matter of concern to the public at large. Click on Read more below for more details.

Complaints about Members will be handled at no cost to the complainant. (see the list of Registered Auctioneers who are members)
Complaints about non-members will be investigated and the Association will attempt to resolve the matter, how-ever a nominal charge is made for this service to allow for recovery of toll calls and faxes, we can say quite categorically that this service is being well used.

The Association will listen to telephoned complaints but will not act upon them until it receives the matter in writing by mail or email addressed to the National Secretary (contact details here).

BEWARE of persons holding out to be auctioneers who are not lawfully Registered under the Auctioneers Act 2013,  whatever you may be selling (chattels or real property etc.)

If you intend employing any auctioneer determine:

  • Firstly, are they lawfully Registered, if not don’t deal with them and please point them out to us.
  • Secondly, do they operate a Trust Account with their bankers to hold your money once the goods or whatever are sold, if not don’t deal with them.
  • Thirdly are they Members of our Association and therefore obliged to operate under our code of ethics¬†- this is not obligitory but will provide you with some assurance and means of redress through our Association

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